Disco XT


Mixing console with 19 transitions and automatic mode


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What started as being an advanced music player has ended up converting itself in a practical and professional mixing console that's easy to learn and use by any person.

Disco XT has two symmetrical work stations that present the usual tools of these types of applications: CUE points establishment, BPM detection, graphic representation of the soundwave with zoom up til 16x, etc.

You can use 19 transitions during the reproduction to change from one song to another. It's also possible to define customized transitions.

On the other hand, Disco XT allows you to use headphones to hear the sound coming from each work station. It also allows you to record the mixes and use a microphone to talk during the DJ sessions (the music volume lowers automatically).

Other interesting features of the program are:
- Dock to instantly reproduce up to six short clips or samples.
- Various effects and filters: reverb, delay, low pass and high pass.
- Double equalizer with ten bands and a limiter to avoid distortion.
- Integration with the iTunes and Windows Media Player library.
- Automatic mode for unattended reproduction.


The minimum requirements for Disco XT Pro DJ are the following: CPU with 1.4 GHz or more and 512 MB of RAM.

Trial version works without interruption for 30 minutes.

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